Get Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Fit by Fasting!

Today, there are many people who observe fasting as a religious commitment but only a few know its health benefits. If properly implemented, fasting is a great practice as it promotes elimination of toxins and wastes from the body. Fasting helps to reduce blood sugar and fat stores. Apart from this, fasting boosts your immunity and promotes many healthy eating habits.

Here are some of the benefits of Fasting:

  • Promotes Detoxification

Do you know that processed foods consist of so many additives? These additives later become toxins in your body. Most of these parasites and toxins are stored in the form of fats. Fasting helps to burn fat, especially when it is lengthy and releases the toxins. Liver, kidneys and other organs in the body are also involved in the process of detoxification.

  • Provides Digestive Relief

A strong digestive tract is very essential in order to protect the inner organs and blood against the toxins that helps to lower your probability of suffering food allergies. Fasting is a very good way to get relief from digestive problems. The digestive organs rests during fasting that helps to maintain the fluids balance in the body.

  • Resolves Inflammatory Response

As per various studies, it has been shown that fasting work towards to promote inflammatory resolution diseases and many allergies, like rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis. Some recognized expert claims that fasting help to heal inflammatory bowel diseases.

  • Rest Body Organs

A sustained period of time without food (known as concentrated physiological rest) helps many organs of our body to get rest. During this time, the healing mechanism of the body repairs the damaged cells and organs of our body.

  • Reduces Blood Sugar

Fasting helps to increase the breakdown of the glucose so that our body can get more energy. This provides rests to the pancreas and reduces the production of insulin. The amazing outcome of fasting is that it provides a reduction in the blood sugar.

  • Promotes Weight Loss

Fasting reduces the stored fat in the body and promotes raid weight loss. However, fasting is not a good strategy to lose weight. Decreased sugar intake and increased amount of fruits in the body are the better measures to achieve weight reduction.

Final Verdict!

Despite these amazing benefits, there are also some demerits of fasting. Fasting may cause dehydration in your body, which leads you to headaches and may worsen the heartburn. It is advised to not fat if you are a pregnant women, malnourished people, nursing mother and individuals with liver problems and cardiac arrhythmias

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