Nationalism never affects the hungry stomachs, youngsters: Shobhaa De

Writer Shobhaa De thinks that the biggest issue in the upcoming election is going to be unemployment. She says … Nationalism doesn’t affect the hungry stomach. Youngsters who are still unemployed must get jobs first, who is going to enter the temple and who is not …these things are secondary to them. In this episode, Shobhaa De also shared her thought about women’s minds.

  • Will BJP be capable to attract the women like Sabarimala, the triple divorce, and the death sentence for the perpetrators?

Economic stability is the only thing that makes a difference in our country. For a young man who is standing in the unemployment queue, who is going to enter the temple and who is not is secondary.

  • Has Nationalism been created after Pulwama attack?

See … Nationalism does not affect the hungry stomach. Opportunities should be crerated for the youth.

  • Will Priyanka’s arrival affect the things?

The Congress has now come down to a level to fetch Priyanka. She has also been campaigning earlier for Rahul. So, I don’t feel that her entry into politics is going to make a big impact.

  • What do you think of women’s mind?

Most important thing is a safe environment. There must be a safe work environment for women. They must have a good life. In workplace, they should be appreciated and on the roads, they should have a feeling of security, always, while walking.

  • Will incidents like the Ram temple and the Pulwama attack affect women?

Ramamandir is not a relevant issue for men and women. It’s a trick to divert your attention from the real issues. Youngsters of India want to compete at a global level. They need a better lifestyle, well-facilitated schools and colleges, good roads, hospitals. Definitely, religion has a very important place in a person’s life. But it doesn’t have any place in politics. The elections fought using religion as a tool have always zero appeal to the voters.

  • What is going to be the most important issue for the first time voters?

Youngsters are selfish. They do not need speech and knowledge. They want fast-growing economy. Economic Reforms are very much needed. Jobs-opportunities are must. Temple-mosque is not required.

  • In last 22 years, women reservation bill even not been passed. There are only 7% women MPs … how do you look at it?

Men in our society are really scared of the women’s ambitions. Women only need to fight for the rights and that too with strength.

  • What is going to be the most effective issue in the upcoming election?

Only jobs …. The rates of unemployment have never gone so high in the country.

In last three elections, the women have got more status in BJP

Success rate: In Congress, it is 27%, and in BJP, it is 46%. According to the statistics, Congress is ahead when it comes to giving ticket to the women but BJP is ahead of them in terms of victory.